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About the Project

Zero energy,
Circular holiday home

Villa Roffa Lario is the result of the transformation of a Lake Como Villa to a zero energy, circular holiday home by introducing and using locally-sourced waste materials from the nearby design industries of Milan and Como. The original structure has never been significantly altered, but preserved; while the interiors were modernised.


A Villa living its third life

After standing vacant for ten years, the villa, originally built in the late 19th century as a family home then later used as a hotel, is now living its third life as an eco-friendly holiday home.


Collaboration and exchange of ideas

The project was led by Superuse, a group of international leading sustainability architects, on site with the support and collaboration from a large group of Dutch and Italian designers. Workshops and lectures were often integrated within the projects to facilitate the process and knowledge exchange across countries and designers – a project endorsing collaboration and exchange of ideas.


Superused waste materials

Waste materials suitable for use in the project were ‘harvested’. Italian architecture and design students were introduced to the methodology with a lecture at the Politecnico University of Milan, and taught how to find, or ‘harvest’ suitable waste in ‘Harvesting Workshops’ held at Villa Roffa Lario.

Some of the materials used were: foam board sandwich panels, fire hose, fire extinguishers, fire extinguisher nozzles, fire extinguisher trolleys, metal post holders, exhibition waste materials, horse riding jump ropes, wooden roller blinds, etc.


Passive heating and cooling systems

villa roffa lario eco friendly luxury holiday home

The restoration and furniture fit-out has been realized by minimizing interventions, using passive heating/cooling and ventilation strategies, and topping up remaining energy needs with a zero energy system.

Press Release

Read more about the project and the architect’s process in the project press release.